Our Fees:

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Mary Melodies Music Studio 

2022 Lesson Fees and Attendance Policies


Lesson Fees:

  • $125 Registration Fee (one fee per family) as per June 1, 2021.
  • $125 per month for first student, irrespective of 4 or 5 lesson month - 48 lessons per year.  Four recital opportunities.
  • $115 second student, irrespective of 4 or 5 lesson month - 48 lessons per year.   Four recital opportunities.
  • $105 third student, irrespective of 4 or 5 lesson month - 48 lessons per year.   Four recital opportunities.
  • Lesson Fees, using the card on file, will be run on the first business day of each month
    (for most people this will be $125). 
  • If the card on file is declined we will contact you. In the unlikely event payment has not been made by the first lesson of the month, we reserve the right to withhold the lesson UNTIL fees have been paid.


Lesson Fees -  Set monthly flat rate  that does not change month to month.  NO LONG TERM CONTRACT!

Attendance - Student (parent) and teacher responsible for arranging their make up lessons. Missed lessons will not be reflected in the flat monthly rate and can be made up at the will of the instructor and student.

  • 24 hrs notice is required that you will miss a lesson to qualify for a makeup lesson. If less than 24 hr notice is provided, a makeup lesson will be scheduled or not at the instructor's discretion. Same policy applies to scheduled makeup lessons. A "no-show" or failure to notify absence from makeup lesson means you have forfeit the makeup lesson entirely.
  • When you miss a lesson, (it happens), work with your teacher to schedule the make up lesson. Whether the lesson is made up or not by the following month you are still charged the set monthly fee. Please don’t let your missed lesson go unused!
  • Mary Melodies web site will include a calendar showing when we are closed through the year, thus, showing your 48 lessons. We will also provide a paper copy of this same calendar and post one in the studio.
  • UN-used lessons will NOT roll over into the next calendar year. Exceptions will be determined on an individual basis by Michael & Mary Hanna ONLY.
  • If your student will miss more than 4 lessons consecutively, we will not be able to retain your students day and time slot and will consider that student to have discontinued lessons. Because we have no long term contract, in the event the student wishes to re-enroll, a new registration fee ($125) will be charged to begin again. 
  • If student wishes to discontinue lessons for any reason, please provide a 30 day notice and your initial $125 deposit will cover your last 30 days. If student just stops attending lessons with no notice, then Mary Melodies will retain your $125 registration fee to cover our costs until the lesson spot abandoned can be filled.         
  • It is best for the student’s progress to continue lessons year round.

Private Lesson Tuition - CELLO only

$240 per month for four 45 lessons per month irrespective of 4 or 5 lesson month - 48 lessons per year.

Mini-Student Recital Fee:  $5  (students are only scheduled for a mini-recital when instructor and student agree that the student is ready.)

Christmas and Spring Recital Fees:  TBD

♪♪♪ At Mary Melodies, we will always be completely transparent with our fees and policies. 

♬♬We will always do our very best to schedule makeup lessons when absences are reported 24 hrs ahead (or as soon as illness develops).  We WANT to teach you and your children!  If no make up lesson is possible fees remain constant.

♭♭♭ If you are more than 15 minutes late for your lesson, the instructor has the right to cancel, reschedule, or charge for a NO-SHOW, at his/her discretion.

𝅝𝅝𝅝 If a student does not bring books and materials to scheduled lesson, the Instructor will make every effort to provide an educational music experience but has the right to cancel lesson with no makeup lesson offered.  

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