What ARE Private Music Lessons?

Private music lessons are for EVERYONE of EVERY AGE!  

One-on-One Personalized Training

Private Lessons are 30 minutes long and meet once per week. Every student learns in his/her own way, at his/her own pace. Private music lessons can provide instruction that meets the specific learning style of each child. In music class, the teacher is trying to bring 30 students along, and can’t possibly tailor his instruction for each student—and if your student can’t keep pace, he/she will only fall further and further behind. One-on-one music lessons are all about finding ways to help your child learn in the way that works best for THEM!

Guaranteed Success - At YOUR Speed!

With a private instructor, a child learns much more quickly the fundamentals of playing. A solid foundation is established, and the student can keep learning, playing and succeeding—and that’s fun! 

The student builds confidence and determination, not to mention the desire to continue playing.

Instant feedback - "Way to Go!!!"

When a student isn’t doing something correctly, it’s not likely to be detected and addressed in music class. There’s just too much going on for the teacher to focus on each student’s performance. 

With private music lessons, corrections and advice—as well as praise and encouragement—are delivered instantly and constantly.

Effective practice - Your Free Assignment Book In Action!

Every young musician needs to learn how to practice. A student spends hours each week practicing, and that time needs to be well spent. 

A good private instructor will send the student home weekly with the proper practice skills so the student gets the most out of practice time. Just as important, the student won’t dread practice time, because he/she will have control over it and can expect results.

Less frustration - We have the answers!!

If a student is having trouble or feeling frustrated, the one-on-one attention he/she gets at a private music lesson will more likely result in a solution. And students who have been performing for more than a few years find it a lot easier to stay focused with the help of a private instructor. Once past the beginner stages, a music student may not know where to go next. A private instructor can help the student discover what new music to explore and what goals to pursue. Sometimes all a student needs is someone to report to on a regular basis, so they know they are accountable.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

Let me just emphasize that private music lessons are for every student, not just those hoping to pursue a career in music. A private instructor can make learning and mastering an instrument fun, increasing the likelihood of success and satisfaction for you, your son or daughter.

Private Lessons are 30 minutes long and meet once per week.  

Mary Hanna, Owner/Head Teacher